N5028-AF03 - Beijos Three-Stone CZ Necklace - Clear

N5028-AF03 - Beijos Three-Stone CZ Necklace - Clear

Sweet Southern Charm


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Beijos Collection - Three-Stone CZ Necklace

Dimensions & Materials:

  • Length: 16 - 18" adjustable
  • Center Motif: 1⅜"W x 3/8H
  • Made with Rhodium and Gold


    Lead-free premium alloy with .005% of silver, which is strong and durable.


    Rhodium, a derivative of platinum, is a permanent, non tarnishing finish that is hard, bright and durable and compliments well with 14kt Gold. Contains .02% nickel.  

    Taking Care of Your Jewelry:

    • Gently wipe with a dry, soft cloth.
    • A soft brush can be used to clean crevices.
    • Store all jewelry with care to avoid damage.
    • Never use chemicals, creams, perfumes, abrasives, or polishing cloths as this will deteriorate the product.