About SCOUT Bags

SCOUT bags represent the best of both worlds: function and fashion. We consider ourselves bag experts, and design with you, and your family, in mind. We’re committed to making your life easier, one bag (or two, or three) at a time. To do this, we have bags for all occasions: everyday, school, work, gym, travel. Need bags for the entire family? Done. You name it, we can help you carry it... and carry it well.

Our tote bags, makeup bags, pool bags, and insulated lunch boxes are water resistant, easy to clean, and easy to carry. They won’t weigh you down, and over packing is definitely encouraged, as most bags weigh less than one pound. They are multipurpose, for your multi-faceted, modern-day lifestyle, and help you keep it all together (in style!). We take color very seriously at SCOUT and believe in prints with personality. New, original patterns are constantly in the works, and often hand-drawn—no two patterns are alike.

We understand the importance and difficulty in being, and staying, organized. That’s where our functional, durable, versatile bags come in handy. So, let’s take on the errands, vacations, picnics, and yoga classes together. Wherever you’re going, we want to come.

  • Mini Package - Best in Show Out of stock SALE
  • Rolling Stones - Swim Lane Out of stock SALE
  • Tight Lipped - Stitch Please $28.00 $17.00 SALE
  • SCOUT Socks - Aquamarine $11.00 $7.00 SALE
  • Wristy Business - Pawdon Me $25.00 $15.00 SALE
  • Wristy Business - Lovers Lane $25.00 $15.00 SALE
  • Midi Package - Hot and Heavy $19.00 $12.00 SALE
  • SCOUT Socks - Pink Lemonade $11.00 $7.00 SALE
  • Packin' Heat - stitch please $24.00 $15.00 SALE
  • Hipster Fanny Pack - Pawdon Me $35.00 $21.00 SALE
  • Double Chillah - Hot and Heavy $25.00 $15.00 SALE
  • Rag King - Pouch Perfect $25.00 $15.00 SALE